<!--#echo var="title" --> Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting
Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting
Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting

Alden Hosting provides professional, efficient, and reliable business-class Web hosting and Website Design services.


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(877) 256-0328

Outside USA
1 - (201) 505-0430

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This plan is made for the Web Developer that needs to host multiple web sites. When you sign up for this plan, you can host multiple web sites using the same developer account. You have plenty of disk space to host your domains that you design.
Each additional web site that you host will only cost you $1 per month.

Base Monthly FeeWeb Sites FeeTotal Monthly CostCost per Web Site
5 Web Sites$49.95 $5 $54.95 $10.99
10 Web Sites$49.95 $10$59.95 $6.00
15 Web Sites$49.95 $15$64.95 $4.33
20 Web Sites$49.95 $20$69.95 $3.50
40 Web Sites$49.95 $40$89.95 $2.25
Price Details
Monthly $49.95
Yearly $45.79
x 12
Setup fee$0.00
Extra Monthly Fee
for each WebSite
Setup fee for
each WebSite
web hosting
web hosting


web Hosting NO setup fees
web Hosting 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
web Hosting Domain names ONLY $12 per year (Free with Web 5 & 6 Plans)
web Hosting Web access to your Email from any computer in the world
web Hosting Server Side Includes (SSI)
web Hosting Your own CGI-bin directory
web Hosting PHP, PERL, Ruby, Python, Mason
web Hosting SpamAssassin and SpamCorral
web Hosting 24/7 sFTP (Secure FTP) & FTP access
web Hosting Access to raw log files
web Hosting Graphic web traffic analysis
web Hosting Easy to use EZ Site Control Panel
web Hosting Tech support w/ toll-free number
web Hosting Free search engine submittal
web Hosting Email Protected by Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
web Hosting Email auto responders and forwarders
web Hosting One month free with 12 month sign-up
web Hosting  Secure PHP suexec for PHP
web Hosting  Clam Email Anti-Virus Scanner
web Hosting Web Based Shared & Private Calendars
web Hosting WebMaster Tips
web Hosting  SiteStudio: Browser-based solution for website design and construction
web Hosting             web Hosting             web Hosting

web Hosting

Disk Space & Traffic
web hostingWOW!!! 1,000MB disk space
web hosting ~16.6 thousand pages
web hosting 30GB monthly traffic
web hosting ~3.0 million hits/month
Domain Name
web hosting Your own domain name (e.g. yourname.com)
web hosting New domain name registration $12 per year
web hosting Free assistance with domain name servers changes
web hosting Domain name - aliases ($2 Per Month)
web hosting Unlimited Web Sites with different Domain names ($1 Per Month)
Site Management Tools
web hosting SiteStudio: Browser-based solution for website design and construction
web hosting 24/7 sFTP (Secure FTP) & FTP access
web hosting Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions
web hosting FrontPage Web Administrator
web hosting Web-based EZ Site Control Panel
web hosting Detailed graphical traffic stats
web hosting Access to raw log files
web hosting Toll-free tech support
web hosting Unlimited POP3/SMTP/IMAP accounts
web hosting Web-based Email & Calendars
web hosting Catch-all default account
web hosting Unlimited forwarding
web hosting Unlimited autoresponders
web hosting IMAP Server
web hosting SpamAssassin and SpamCorrali
web hosting 1 per Domain Mail Lists
Languages/Free Scripts
web hosting Your own CGI-bin
web hosting Server Side Includes (SSI)
web hosting PERL, Ruby, Python
web hosting PHP4, PHP5, Mason
web hosting FormMail
web hosting Guestbook
web hosting Message Board
Security Features
web hosting SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
web hosting Free secure server URL
web hosting 24/7 monitoring
Server Specifications
web hosting Dual Pentiums
web hosting RAID drive system
web hosting Linux (RedHat based)
web hosting Apache
Data Center
web hosting Fiber optic high speed connection to
web hosting UPS power back-up
web hosting 24/7 network monitoring
web hosting 24/7 security monitoring
web hosting Daily data back-up

Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting
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